The new MEDIK-ON.RO Online Shop

In June 2016 was launch the new – Online Shop, who offers to the Medikon pharmacy customers the best prices of their favorite products, only now are available to buyers across the country.

For our client, we have delivered a more complex project, which started with creating the concept and the presentation website’s design, which was launched last fall and continued with designing this online shop, which follows the same communication line.

The inspiration for this Shop reflected our client’s wish to assist parents, grandparents and families for whom time is valuable and that it would be helpful to be able to order the products most commonly used by their children, grandchildren or the loved ones, without losing valuable time on the road, in lines or means of transport. This concept was linked to a price strategy represented by some exclusive offers only available in the online shop, meant to be always dynamic and below the market average, which made this project a success also on the integrated marketing campaign level.

How these offers work? Basically, this is the buyer’s private pharmacy at home that comes with the lowest rates on the market, each week preparing new offerings, available exclusively online. Separately, we promote offers available only in pharmacies, each of which is represented by specific badges for better positioning in the consumer’s mind.

Website’s structure:

In the main menu, there are 9 categories of products encountered on the shop, which are organized efficiently in 4 categories, that can help the buyer to find easier what interests him: Family, Children, Alternative Therapies, Supplements – these categories represent the specificity of the Medikon chain’s most important pharmacies.

Under the main menu there are positioned the Weekly Offers – Exclusive Online, where we find every week 4 products at special prices.

We wanted the whole MEDIK-ON Experience to be a pleasant one, to give the user all the information needed for each product, about the weekly offers and about the manner of payment and transport. The Customer Care is something that our client took a lot of thinking, so a Medikon pharmacist is always available online with helpful information, as to each order, an assistant will contact the buyers to check all order details together.

We are glad we had the opportunity to work on this project with a client we work for over a year now, with whom we grew up together building with beautiful ideas and initiatives.

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