Delicious Souvenirs by Select

Delicious Souvenirs by Selecy

Branding for the Delicious Souvenirs candy boxes

The Concept:

Our client Select Group wanted a brand identity and packaging concept for their new product line – candy boxes with various flavors.

Analyzing the main buyer persona profiles and the need which the new products resolve, we came up with the Delicious Souvenirs concept. Thus, we managed to position the candy boxes as an ideal gift for those you love as well as an excellent offering for those who want to impress.

For the logo and the boxes we proposed a very clean and refined design which seamlessly blends the key elements of the Select Group brand with the usability of modern packaging practices.

The Delicious Souvenirs candy boxes come in two variants – mixed pralines (300g) and fondant candies (180g), offering the public the opportunity to mix and match the perfect gift.

What we delivered: Visual identity and packaging concepts and communication strategy.


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