The end of 2017/the beginning of 2018 brings the launch of the latest edition of the ”Iarnă cu Stil” (Winter with Style) brochure, which has become a biannual tradition for our friends over at Jupiter City in Pitești.

Being the time of the year when great joy comes from offering (and receiving) gifts, we thought we should somehow integrate this feeling in the visual concept of the brochure. Thus, we came up with the idea that every page which features recommendations/tips&tricks/interviews will be personalized with a certain combination of colors/patterns/icons, giving the entire brochure a “gift that is about to be carefully wrapped and offered to the special people in your life” effect.

Mockup Broșură Iarnă cu Stil 2017-2018
All of the gift (and gift wrapping paper) ideas, seasonal trends and tips, plus many more can also be found in the online version of the brochure:

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