Influencer Marketing – short introduction

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a process of research, identification, and support of some of the people that manage to bring an impact to a brand, product or services. This type of marketing offers brands the opportunity to unify their directions in PR, sales, digital marketing and social media, using a relevant communication, meant to create a long-term relationship with the public.

The main benefits for which  we should take into consideration the integration of an influencer marketing campaign when planning a new strategy are:

  • The message of the campaign reaches the target audience faster;
  • The reach grows considerably;
  • Sales figures rise;
  • Brand equity grows.

Who are these „influencers”?

They are public people, on a local, national or international level, who have a large number of online followers in online. With the high popularity and a big community of people behind them, contacting one or more influencers can represent an efficient solution for the retailers who want a fast growth in sales and brand equity.

How does a successful Influencer Marketing campaign looks like?

Here are a few suggestive examples to see the efficiency of a strategy, which we would fit it into the successful campaigns category:

Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington 2

To encourage the target audience to purchase the products, the watch company Daniel Wellington has collaborated with thousands of influencers from Instagram, who had the role of posting pictures with interesting framework, in which they had to include one of the Daniel Wellington watches, with a description that should contain details about the campaign’s promotion: at every purchase, the buyers had a 15% discount.

Thus, the audience was encouraged to buy a Daniel Wellington watch. Through this social media campaign, the company had over 900 000 posts on Instagram, and by 2015 the brand managed to raise sales of 220 million dollars, taking into consideration that they started as a startup in 2009, with only 15,000 dollars in sales.



An already popular brand, Adidas wanted to be one step ahead of their competitors and launched a campaign conducted by online Influencers on Instagram. The campaign concentrated on the young audience and was initiated with the purpose of earning their loyalty. The social media strategy helped the sports brand to have a 24.2% rise in sales between January 2015 and January 2016. In the same period, their main competition Nike experimented a 9.1% drop in sales.

Adidas worked with Selena Gomez (international public figure) to launch an online competition, in which the public had to make a series of photos, where they were dressed in Adidas apparel, with the opportunity to appear in their next spot.

Becca Cosmetics

Becca Cosmetics

A different influencer marketing strategy was adopted by Becca Cosmetics, who chose to actively involve an influencer in their campaign. They came up with the idea of building a new product, and, why not, create a product palette, which led to a fast growth in the popularity of the brand, by generating almost 5 million views on a video published by Chrissy Teigen on Instagram. The brand managed thus not only to have a big rise in sales but also create a community of fans who eventually became loyal customers.

Influencer marketing is a technique with the potential of attracting large audiences, the results depending on the way the campaign is implemented. Involving people that are active Social Media users can bring a lot of benefits for retail companies,  especially if these influencers are a perfect fit for the brand’s products and values.

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