Your Select Place

In October, the Select Group site was officially launched, a long-awaited project, made with passion and inspiration.

The concept behind the site was to implement the “Your Select Place” – concept, design and copy signed by Aquavita agency.

“Your Select Place ” concept was built on the new Select Grup website design. It was asked for a simple, user-friendly layout, which elegantly highlights the 3 departments: The Hotel, The Restaurant and the Confectionery – Patisserie Place, offering useful information on each of them.

 The design is elegant yet modern and the colors used are warm and friendly, particularly highlighted by the classic lines used.

The Home Page provides the user with quick links to the most important information from the website, such as how to make a quick Hotel booking, how the CinCin Restaurant Menu looks like, or products from the Caprice Confectionery.

The Contact Page offers quick contact options depending on the needs of each user. So with just a click, you can select for ordering a cake,  booking a room,  booking a festivities room, or e-mail the group management.

The three main sections of the site are structured similarly, for better browsing: the new campaigns, menus, information about the rooms and halls, galleries and each department’s story.

Here is the Select Grup website.

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