About Aquavita

Aquavita helps both new and existing brands to define their image.

We manage to bring them to life in an integrated, differentiated and much emotional commitment.
Alchemists AQV laboratory, successfully merging marketing and creative elements, such projects always achieve objectives.
Treating it with integrity, we believe that the brand can create significant and lasting links between our clients and their audience.Here, we let our 10+ of experience and love for marketing strategy and design speak for itself.

We call this, branding with substance!



The relationships and experience that cultivated for over 10 years, represents our philosopher’s stone. It constantly generates desire to excel in creative and effective solutions.




For a successful campaign an alchemist must have certain virtues and qualities: be creative, patient, modest and hardworking. His mind must be in constant tune with his creation. We transmute concepts and stories into campaign mechanism, specially folded on the particular needs, interests and buying habits of the consumers.


About Alchemists

We are a group of specialists with undiscovered talents who seek to find the right balance between everyday life and the life in an agency!