Aer de vacanță

Andra and Andrei are two travel enthusiasts, who wanted their lifestyle to be accessible to anyone seeking for adventures and new experiences. That is how Aer de Vacanță was born, a community of travelers that can help you see the world on a budget.

scope of work

Our mission was to reflect the founders’ vision (and personalities) into a brand new integrated visual identity, that would then set up the direction of the website communication, social media visuals and products in the e-shop.

brand identity design

We aimed to present a new vision for the logo by merging the letters A and V (the initials of the project), to form a compass, an iconic symbol associated with travelling. It represents guidance and safety, as well as the idea that wherever you head up to, the compass will always lead you in the right direction. Moreover, the symbol is optimized to be used independently for profile pictures on social media, visuals and products on the e-shop.


Our collaboration with AQUAVITA SOLUTIONS team started after approximately 2 years of activity in social media of our project, AER DE VACANȚĂ. We wished for a new visual identity of the brand, intending to use it both in social media, as well as for personalized products on our online shop. After several detailed discussions about what we wanted to convey with the public, the image we aimed to project online, the variations proposed by AQUAVITA exceeded our expectations by far.
We want to thank the entire team, who listened to our thoughts and wishes, and showed a lot of patience in finalizing the product, as well as for their positivity, flexibility and professionalism.
Andra and Andrei, Aer de Vacanță