Colosseum Mall is the second largest shopping center in the North-West area of ​​Bucharest (Sector 1). It offers a unique local retail concept that includes stores with a wide variety of products and services, stores with clothing and accessories brands, as well as unique leisure spaces.

In 2022 they implemented an extension, almost doubling their capacity and becoming a shopping mall in the process. This evolution also included a digital component – their website being the main focus.


After a thorough competitor analysis, we came to the conclusion that the new Colosseum Mall website had to feature a balanced mix between function and form. It had to be easy to navigate, offer relevant information and have an element of innovation, while also looking clean and modern.

voice search

In order to make it easier for users to search for stores, services and/or products, we developed a Voice Search feature which could be activated with the press of a button.

voice search

We integrated this feature in the hero section of the homepage, next to the Key Visuals, and on the main category pages, thus adding to its usefulness.

dark mode

Another feature we implemented was the Dark Mode / Light Mode. Users can freely switch between the two depending on their preferences, further increasing the level of personalization when it comes to the Colosseum Mall web/mobile experience.

Mobile version

After the website was configured to be responsive, we took each section and adapted it to the portrait format, reorganizing and reconfiguring certain elements in order to create a fluid User Experience which would delight the user.

The new Colosseum Mall website is more than just a typical retail website.
The features developed with the users in mind make it an experience which will
remain relevant for at least a couple of years. represents a benchmark for the current retail sector in Romania and we are thankful that the Colosseum Mall team agreed to implement our proposal.