Travis Rent a car
Best Rental Campaign

Travis Rent a Car announced that at the beginning of 2022 they will start updating their car fleet with new models and would want to communicate this update, especially for their Bucharest office.

about the brand

Travis started out as a travel agency in Iași, Romania, 25 years ago. Since then, it has constantly evolved, developing 3 distinct brands which offer personalized solutions for tourism, rent-a-car and corporate events.

scope of work

Analyzing the communication campaigns and social media accounts of the competition we noticed that the main USP (Unique Selling Point) which they were promoting was ”low prices”. We thus decided to focus on the benefits of Travis Rent a Car (not the price) and present them in a friendly, relevant way.

campaign concept

The headline, ”Best rental car for…” is filled in for every Key Visual and adapted to various types of activities and events in a specific time period. The car model and the reason/benefit are personalized based on the headline, thus obtaining a series of Key Visuals which offer information and suggestions to an audience used to only receiving price-related details.

communication strategy

On a weekly basis we are creating new Key Visuals which are posted on social media and the Travis Rent-a-Car website, alongside print and digital ads, thus ensuring a coherent visual communication style for the brand.