Travis Tourism
Website Launch Campaign

Travis was planning on redesigning their tourism digital experience and needed to think of a bold way in which to present it to their clients, both current and future – this is where we were asked to step in.

about the brand

Travis started out as a travel agency in Iași, Romania, 20 years ago. Since then, it has constantly evolved, developing 3 distinct brands which offer personalized solutions for tourism, rent-a-car and corporate events.

Scope of work

The brief was simple – transmit via a communication campaign the fact that clients could now search and book their vacations on the new website. We decided it would also be smart to create a custom campaign logo which would support the key message and visuals.

campaign concept

Starting from the key word – Search – we integrated a visual element with which the users are familiar with – the search bar – with messages and photographs which were meant to entice the public into wishing for a vacation, and booking it on the website.

campaign logo

Supporting the campaign concept, we also designed a custom logo which also featured the search bar and the new website-s URL, making it easier for the public to remember.