Starting a complex project from scratch is both a great opportunity and a tremendous responsibility. This is the story of such a project, which started out as a logo redesign and ended up being so much more.

about the brand

Trustline System is a tech startup from Bucharest, Romania, which offers Whistleblowing Management solutions, alongside implementation support and legal consultancy.
Whistleblowing Management represents the way in which organizations identify and resolve problems relating to conflict of interests and unethical behavior.

Scope of work

We were tasked with preparing the Trustline System brand for their official launch on the Romanian market. After a discovery workshop the full scope of the project was clear. Thus, we began developing a coherent Brand Strategy, a presentation website and a social media communication strategy.

Visual identity

Whistleblowing gravitates around the courage to speak up and feeling safe at the workplace. We used this as the basis for integrating the speech bubble and the open door(s) symbols in the new visual identity, thus transmitting openness and transparency.

visual identity

We then proceeded to develop custom illustrations which feature a wide range of characters, ensuring gender and race equality. These, together with a friendly and to-the-point communication strategy, helped explain a complex concept/service to a non-technical audience.

UX/UI design

Whistleblowing Management is a complex concept. Trustline System offers support to organizations before, during and after implementation, the platform being fully customizable according to the client’s specifications – this was the core message the new website had to transmit to the public.

We opted for custom icons and illustrations in order to convey a friendly and open approach. The result was a digital experience which offers information in a way that is pleasant to read and easy to understand.


Deciding to educate the public related to workplace integrity and Whistleblowing in general, we created 3 explanatory motion graphics videos in which we offered an overview of the key concepts and the Whistleblowing Management platform developed by Trustline System.

Play Video

Social Media

Education was also the focus of the Social Media strategy we developed, presenting bite-sized pieces of content relevant for both the organizations that will have to implement a Whistleblowing Management platform by a directive of the European Union, and the people who work in these organizations.