Bioderma - club naos România

The concept of Brand/Product Loyalty is based on 2 elements: products and/or services that meet user/client expectations and a good strategy. Bioderma Romania had both of these aspects already implemented, all that was missing was a creative way in which to communicate them.

about the brand

Bioderma is an international brand of dermatological cosmetics which fundamentally changed the preconceived understanding of the beauty industry via a completely different approach: ecobiology and the art of protecting the ecosystem of the skin by strengthening its natural mechanisms. The brand has an history of over 40 years and is part of the vision of NAOS, a company which wishes to offer health, wellness and consideration to the world.

scope of work

Bioderma Romania’s loyalty platform – Club Bioderma – was about to be upgraded to Club NAOS, integrating new benefits and functionalities, an updated User Experience and 2 new brands: Institut Esthederm and Etat Pur.

Our role was creating the communication concept for the launch campaign via which Bioderma wanted to let their audience know (both current and future loyalty club members) about the benefits of the new and improved Club NAOS.

communication campaign - teasing

We began by understanding the philosophy and the vision of NAOS – health, wellness, care, affection and love. Building on this foundation we developed a campaign message that would transmit both curiosity and the idea of well-being:

”Every emotion is experience through the skin. Prepare your skin for new emotions.”

The message was transmitted via a series of videos and visuals which focused on presenting the skin just as it is, without any digital of physical editing.

communication campaign - launch

After 2 weeks of teasing we started the launch campaign which had the goal of educating the public on the mechanisms of the loyalty platform and, of course, communicating all of the new benefits of the Club NAOS members.

UX/UI Design

The dedicated campaign Landing Page was also developed in 2 phases:

  1. For the teasing campaign the main goal was increasing newsletter subscriptions
  2. For the launch campaign the audience was invited to enroll in the Club NAOS loyalty program. From a UX/UI standpoint, we wanted to build an onboarding process that would be intuitive and easy to follow through for the users.


The Aquavita Solutions team created a campaign concept which aligns with the NAOS approach and strategically integrated the story of Bioderma in every communication material. We appreciated the openness and dedication they proved throughout the project’s duration, thus demonstrating that they are a trustworthy and reliable partner.

Bioderma Romania Digital Team