Our mission was to transform S.C. Imparat S.R.L. into a new brand which would be attractive, relevant and easily recognizable among both the current public and the future one: the end-user which will use the paints and plasters in creative DIY projects.


At the beginning of 2019 the team at Travis Rent a Car started working on an ambitious project: developing a 100% Romanian marketplace created for the rental car sector.


Recent projects

The latest projects we created in our laboratory.

  • RomaniaRentacar.eu – Online Platform Redesign

    RomaniaRentacar.eu – Online Platform Redesign

    Art Direction, Corporate, Mobile

  • ColorEX Rebranding

    ColorEX Rebranding

    Branding, Creative

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De la proiecte de extensie de brand, evenimente de lansare, strategii de marketing și campanii sezoniere, la copy writing, graphic și digital design.

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